Karl Höller und die choralgebundene Orgelmusik in Deutschland 1929–1949

Axel Flierl: „Karl Höller und die choralgebundene Orgelmusik in Deutschland 1929–1949“
The musical language of Reger's grandson Karl Höller bears in its ability to integrate the traits of a creative eclecticism, which formed an essential basis of neoclassical composing.
The reception of Höller's music is still dominated by his organ works. By Höllers of symphonic trains shaped sound fantasy they stand out fundamentally from the neo-baroque aesthetics of the organ movement and take a special position within the choral-bound organ music in Germany in the first half of the 20th century.
In his dissertation, Axel Flierl presents for the first time a comprehensive account of Höller's biography and musical language.

Publisher Christoph Dohr, Cologne 2019
486 p., Numerous music examples,
unpublished photographs and autographs


„With this publication, Axel Flierl has redefined the current status of Karl Höller research [...]. Flierl's great merit is [...] in compiling a catalog raisonné and in viewing the Höller estate [...]. People like to pick up this book.”
Eva-Maria de Oliveira Pinto, DIE MUSIKFORSCHUNG
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„With its analysis of a different source and its musical results, the publication makes an important contribution to the music-historical assessment of the work of Karl Höller.”
Prof. Daniela Philippi, Musik & Kirche
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„The comprehensive appreciation of Axel Flierl is an excellent basis for dealing with the work of Karl Höller and should not be missing in any library.”
Dr. Rainer Mohrs, ORGAN – Journal für die Orgel
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"It is the merit of Axel Flierl to honor this great composer, to classify it in terms of music history or to analyze its organ works in detail and [...] knowingly. Höller's professional stations in Würzburg, Frankfurt am Main and Munich as president of the conservatoire are historically contextualised by Flierl with meticulous care. Flierl's excitingly written book is already a standard work on Höller and his time."
Markus Karas, Musica sacra

„Based on the well-read dissertation of the organist and musicologist Axel Flierl you can now get informed about Höller [...] profound.”
Johannes Adam, Badische Zeitung

Die Sonn hat sich mit ihrem Glanz gewendet...

Book review
Editors: Markus Karas and Carsten Klomp
135 choral preludes and accompanying movements to the common songs of the Protestant hymnal and the Catholic praise of God.

In: Music and Church, 89 (2018), No. 5, pp. 378f.


»Clarté et grandeur«
Zum 30. Todesjahr von Maurice Duruflé (1902–1986)
in: Musica sacra, 136th year (2016), Heft 5, S. 280-281

„à la manière de Sandtner - Die Sandtner-Orgel in der päpstlichen Basilika St. Peter zu Dillingen an der Donau (Bayern)“ in : organ - Journal für die Orgel, 01/2010, Schott-Verlag

„Verpflichtendes süddeutsches Erbe am Beginn des 3. Jahrtausends“
Interview with OBM Norbert Bender, managing Director of Orgelbau Sandtner GmbH
in : organ - Journal für die Orgel, 01/2010, Schott-Verlag

Die Sonn hat sich mit ihrem Glanz gewendet...

Axel Flierl: „Ich kannte nichts als die Musik“
Symposium on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the composer Karl Höller (1907-1987) in the Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia in Bamberg

In: yearbook 21/2007, S. 20-27
Bayerische Akademie der Schönen Künste (Hg.)
Wallstein-Verlag, Göttingen 2008


„Ich komme aus dem Lebensraum Reger-Haas
Zum 100. Geburtsjahr des Komponisten Karl Höller (1907-1987)“
In: „Musik & Liturgie“, published by Schweizerischen Katholischen Kirchenmusikverband SKMV, version 4/2007


Axel Flierl u.a.
"Band 50 – KARL HÖLLER"
Series "Komponisten in Bayern - Dokumente musikalischen Schaffens im 20. Jahrhundert"

Prof. Dr. Alexander Suder (Hg.)
Verlag Hans Schneider, Tutzing, April 2007
170 S., Euro 12,50; unpublished picture material, facsimile of autograph and manuscript as well as discography, catalog raisonné, bibliography



Festschrift zur Orgelweihe
Basilika St. Peter und Paul (Dillingen)
published on 10th December 2006
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„Eine Bach-Orgel für Paris – Die neue Orgel von Bernard Aubertin (2005) in der Kirche Saint-Louis-en-l’Île, Paris“
in: organ – Journal für die Orgel, 02/2006, Schott-Verlag
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Buchbesprechung – Les Orgues de Paris

Book review
Béatrice de Andia / Jean-Louis Coignet / Michel Le Moël (Hg.)
Les Orgues de Paris
Édition originale (frz.)
in: organ - Journal für die Orgel, 01/2006, Schott-Verlag
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Buchbesprechung – Jehan Alain - Biographie, Correspondance, Dessins, Essais

Book review
Aurélie Decourt
Jehan Alain - Biographie, Correspondance, Dessins, Essais
Édition originale (frz.)
in: organ - Journal für die Orgel, 03/2005, Schott Verlag
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"Klangmystiker zwischen Reger und Ravel - Anmerkungen und Beobachtungen zu Karl Höller (1907-87) und seiner Ciacona für Orgel op. 54"
in: organ - Journal für die Orgel, 01/2004, Schott Verlag
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"Im guten Sinne modern, aber niemals modisch sein"
Interview with Edgar Krapp, Professor of Organ at the Munich Music Academy, about Karl Höller and his Ciacona for organ op. 54 (1949)
in: organ - Journal für die Orgel, 01/2004, Schott Verlag
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